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GRADO 78 is an Italian company which produces and exports worldwide high quality spirits and ready-to-serve cocktails, handcrafted in Italy, in a third generation Milanese distillery.

We market our cocktails in a wide range of recipes, formats and alcoholic bases: cocktails can be packaged in a carton sleeve or in different formats of bottles, up to specific formats designed for B2B only.

Thanks to the research done with cocktails, we are developing recipes of pure spirits, which we plan to launch on the market shortly, always guided by a solid and convinced vision: to divulge the Italian culture of good drinking.

The Name

Distillation is a technique known since the Middle Ages, used to separate two or more substances of a mixture, which takes advantage of the different boiling points of such substances.


First comes the head: the first drops that come down from the coolant are part of the head and must be removed, as they contain toxic substances. Directly after the head, there’ the real essence, the heart: it is the main and most precious part of the distillates and it is exactly in this process that ethyl alcohol evaporates at a temperature between 78 and 78.4 ° C.
Finally there is the tail: after a while, when the taste becomes watery and mild, it means that the concentration of alcohol in the vapor has drastically lowered and it is time to divide the tail, the last drops of the distillate.


Spirito presents a line of ready to serve cocktails, entirely mixed and produced in Italy, using top quality spirits.

Our products are all inspired by the incredibly vast and amazing historical artistic and cultural heritage of our Peninsula. The cities, both larger capitals and old villages, the ones that make up the irreplaceable stages of that Grand Tour that has forged intellectuals and noblemen all over Europe for centuries, they all stand up today to mark the way for a brand like ours.
That’s why we asked our master blender team to get inspired by specific Italian places when selecting ingredients: a city for each cocktail, a unique madeleine de Proust.
You just need to do three simple things, to enjoy it: shake, pour and taste.

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